Excel Tutorial for PC

This tutorial is for Excel 2010 for PCs. For Excel 2011 for Macs, go here.

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Want to use the same data as the tutorial? 

Some of the exercises use data from the New York City Census Tracts. If you would like to follow along with the same data, you can download the file here

Interested in switching over to Google Sheets?

Check out this helpful tutorial on moving from Excel to Google Sheets. 

Data Manipulation Basics

Getting Started with Spreadsheets

Worksheets vs. Workbooks
Saving a Workbook

Worksheet Basics

Naming a Worksheet
Adding a Worksheet
Deleting a Worksheet
Moving a Worksheet
Copying a Worksheet
Copying a Worksheet to Another Workbook
Changing the Worksheet Tab Color

Introduction to the Ribbon

Tabs, Groups, Features

Cell Manipulations

Entering Data
Selecting Cells
Selecting Non-adjacent Cells
Selecting Rows or Columns
Selecting Entire Worksheet
Changing the Size of Cells
Fixing '####' in Cells 

Formatting Cells



Copying, Cutting, & Pasting

Copying & Cutting
"Transpose" and "Paste as Values"

Inserting & Deleting

Inserting Rows or Columns
Inserting Cells & Cell Ranges
Deleting Rows and Columns
Deleting Cells
Delete Content

Manipulating Data I

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Manipulating Data II

Sorting Basics
Sorting a Single Column
Sorting Multiple Columns
Important Sort 'FYIs'
Auto Fill 
Series Fill


Creating Charts

Creating a Chart
Selecting Data
Inserting Chart without Data
Chart Parts
The Basics of Chart Tabs

Formatting Charts

Formatting the Chart Plot Area

Changing the Size of the Plot Area
Format Plot Area

Formatting the Chart Axes

Formatting the Horizontal Axis
Formatting the Vertical Axis
Inserting Axis Titles
Primary Horizontal Axis
Primary Vertical Axis


Formatting the Chart Legend

Legend Options
Resizing the Legend
Legend Font

Copying, Cutting, & Pasting Charts

Trendlines and Error Bars

Adding a Trendline
Formatting Trendlines
Add Equation and R-Squared
Adding Error Bars

Linest Function

Calculating Linest Function
Getting Least Square Results
Graphing Linest Function

Pivot table

Preparing the Dataset
Creating the Pivot Table
Adding Subcategories

Formulas & Functions

Formula Basics

Getting Started
Writing Formulas
Using Cell Referents
Using Auto Fill with Formulas
Relative versus Absolute Referencing

Using Excel's Functions

Function Basics
Inserting a Function
Excel Functions: Sum Example
- Using Auto Fill with Functions
Finding Functions

Common Function & Formula
Error Messages

Cell Referent Errors
Dividing by Zero
Cell Value Error
How to Fix an Error in a Cell
Formula & Function Errors
Circular Reference
Missing Parenthesis & Formula Errors


Some Useful Statistical Functions

Calculating the Mean
Calculating the Standard Deviation


Why use Macros
Getting Started
Recording Macros
Running your Macro

An Application of Functions:
Budget Spreadsheet 

- "IF" Function
Statistics and Charts
- Summary Statistics
- Charts


Data Analysis

Analysis ToolPak

Downloading the Analysis ToolPak
Accessing the Analysis ToolPak


Single Factor
Two Factor with Replication
Two Factor Without Replication


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