What Stata Looks Like

What Stata Looks Like

When you open Stata, the program looks like this: 

This page briefly describes what each window is for. 



Main Window

The main window is the big box in the middle of the screen. This window is the output window that displays the statistical outputs and results of all analytical procedures. 



Command Window

The small box below the main window is the Command line. This is where you can directly enter a command. We'll explain what commands are and how you use them later. For large research projects, you should use a Do File to keep track of all your commands, which will also be discussed later. 



Review Window

On the left side of the screen is the Review window. This keeps track of all the commands you have entered.



Variables Window

To the top right is the variables list. This is where you can see what variables are available in the dataset. These variables are pulled from the datase that you import into Stata. We'll explain how to import data later.



Properties Window

Finally, to the bottom left is the properties window. If you click on a variable from the variables list, the properties window will display basic information about that variable.



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