R Studio Tutorial

These tutorials are for R Studio, an open-source and free interface for R (a statistical programming language).

The ERC was awarded a Barnard College COOL grant to develop and run workshops for faculty members in R and to make these tutorials publicly available online. 

In Summer 2016, the ERC offered a pilot version of the faculty workshops in three sessions. The first session provides an introduction to R. The second session covers data manipulation and visualization in R. The third session offers an overview of several more advanced R features, including markdown. Each session includes a step-by-step guide. The pilot workshop materials are available below.

R Studio Tutorials (pilot version developed for faculty members):

  1. Please download the entire folder here for the first tutorial. The folder contains many resources, including documentation for downloading and setting up R and R Studio, the data used for the tutorial, descriptions of the datasets used in the tutorial, and a step-by-step guide (ERC_Faculty_Workshop_Session_1.pdf).
  2. Please download the entire folder here for the second tutorial.
  3. Please download the entire folder here for the third tutorial.

Additional resources and tutorials:

R Studio and Markdown (this tutorial was developed for an introductory statistics course using an adapted version of the above materials): 

  1. Please download all the materials for this tutorial here. This tutorial includes a guide to installing LaTeX, which enables the creation of pdf documents using R Markdown.
  2. You may also view the pdf guide to using R Markdown and a pdf guide to creating lovely visualizations using the ggplot2 package for R separately, although these guides correspond to each other and the tutorial data (and these documents are also contained in the tutorial folder in item #1 directly above this item).

The Institute for Digital Resources at UCLA also has useful resources for learning R.