Creating a Survey


To start creating your survey, select Create Project, which is a button located on the upper right side of the site under the menu.


Qualtrics will then prompt you to either create a survey "from scratch", from a copy, from a library, or from a file.  You should then choose from the 4 methods to create a survey.  Fill out the name of the survey in the New Project option when you are manually creating a survey from scratch in Qualtrics.  This is the best option if it is the first time you are creating a survey in Qualtrics. Selecting a folder is optional.  You can always add or rename folders by selecting Folders (upper left corner of site when you are on the "My Projects" page).

If you have previously created a survey in Qualtrics you should select From a Copy if you would like your new survey to look similar to a previous survey.  This option will help to expedite the process.

If you are unsure about the format you would like your survey to take you can select From a Library, which will allow you to copy a template from Qualtrics Survey Library.  The Library also allows you to copy from a group library if you are working on the survey with a group of individuals who are also using Qualtrics to build their survey. 


Let's start by reviewing the New Project option. Once you have given your survey a name you can select Create Project. Now you have a blank survey template and are ready to start adding questions to your survey. Select here to learn how to add questions to your survey.

Create from Copy

You may have chosen to create a new survey based on a prior survey template that you created in Qualtrics.  If this is the case, begin by selecting From a Copy. Then Qualtrics will ask you the name of the survey that you would you like to copy. You should then decide upon a new survey name and a folder to place it in. Then select Create Project in order to proceed.




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