ERC Course/Workshop Support

Workshop/ Supplemental Instruction Description


1. What is an ERC workshop?

The ERC staff provide supplementary instruction on data skills, techniques, and software in support of learning objectives and course goals. We can provide workshops for tools such as Excel, SPSS, Stata, R, Python (pandas), Qualtrics, Matlab, LaTeX, ArcGIS, and other online GIS software. We can provide workshops on different methods including data visualization, data organization, effective ways of finding data, data literacy, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, qualitative analysis, comparative analysis, textual analysis, and geospatial analysis. 

2. When are ERC workshops held?

Workshops can occur during class time or external to class time. When workshops are scheduled outside of class time we offer multiple iterations to accommodate student schedules. Typically, we offer 1 iteration for every 25-30 students in the class. 

We also offer supplemental walk-in services, wherein we provide staff during class time that is being used to work on group or individual projects. Students receive our walk-in services delivered to "their classroom door".

3. Where will the workshop be held?
       Unless otherwise specified workshops will be hands on and computer based and will be held in the Empirical Reasoning Center's classroom, Milstein 102 (on the first floor of the Milstein Center).  

4. Who can make a request for an ERC workshop?

 Any faculty, staff, or student affiliated with Barnard's campus can request an ERC workshop. 

5. When should requests be made?

Ideally requests should coincide with the development of the course and/or assignments to facilitate a seamless crossover between the information of the course and the ERC workshop. The sooner the request is made, the better, so you should let us know your needs as soon as you decide you would like an ERC workshop. However, in cases where this was not an option, we require a 1 week minimum advance notice, with more advance notice necessary during our peak times. Our peak times are September - October and April. 

6. Why can't you do the workshop for the time I requested?

Workshop requested dates and times may not be feasible due to space and staff limitations. Be prepared to be flexible regarding dates for workshops. The earlier the request, the more likely it can be accommodated. 

Expectations for Workshops/ Supplemental Instruction

In order for the ERC to effectively provide support for your course, we require the following as a part of our agreement to provide supplemental instruction:

  1. The syllabus including relevant assignment due dates
  2. A copy of the relevant assignment(s) provided at least 1 week before the scheduled workshop time (to give staff the opportunity to familiarize themselves with it)
  3. Course details including: time & date; level and type of course (e.g. first year lecture, senior thesis, etc.); number of students registered/expected
  4. It is highly suggested that workshop requests coincide with the development of the course and/or assignments to facilitate a seamless crossover between the information of the course and the ERC workshop and to ensure the specified assignment/course is appropriate for ERC support

Workshop Requests

Please email Associate Director of the ERC, Alisa Rod, at to request a workshop or training session.