How to Loop and Merge

How to Loop and Merge?


Suppose you have just built a multiple response question that asks, “Please check up to three car brands that your family has most recently owned.”  

You have also created a block of questions asking about the quality of that automobile.  Loop and Merge will save you time.

Loop and Merge can be used to loop your respondent through the block of questions for each automobile that they choose.  Loop and Merge repeats a block of questions according to each item the participant indicates in a previous question in the survey. 

Loop and merge over question response is the equivalent of setting up a branch for each choice.  You will need two question blocks.

Create the first question block and enter the question upon which you want to base your looping.  For example: Which of the following car manufacturers do you trust? (Select all that apply): Nissan, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, BMW, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Volkswagen.

Create the second question block and enter the question you would like to loop through.  For example: What do you like about this manufacturer? In this example, each loop asks about a different car manufacturer the respondent trusts.

In the Block Options drop down select Loop and Merge, then select Turn on Loop & Merge.



Select Loop based off of a question.

Select the question serving as the basis for your loop from the first available drop-down menu.


You may also check one of the advanced options: randomize loop order or present only the number of total loops.

Select Save.


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