Latin American Cities


Introduction to GIS Workshop:

  1. You can download the materials for the workshop via dropbox here.
  2. You can follow along with this GIS/mapping presentation.
  3. You can view a step-by-step guide for visualizing and joining existing data/shapefiles here.
  4. You can view a step-by step guide for georeferencing historic maps and creating new layers here.

Income data for the workshop was accessed and downloaded from GeoData@Columbia.

Education data for the workshop was accessed and downloaded from the Buenos Aires Ciudad data bank.

Here are a few additional examples of existing digital mapping/GIS projects of selected Latin American cities:

  1. Population density in Rio de Janeiro
  2. Interactive map of Buenos Aires (visualize cultural sites, historic sites, tree census data, etc.)
  3. Caminos de la villa - participatory mapping project in Buenos Aires 


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