How do you share survey with additional collaborators?

How do you share survey with additional collaborators?

When you are working on a survey with other individuals, Qualtrics can be very useful because it allows you to share a survey with another person or group.  You are able to grant your collaborators permission to edit, distribute, view, and analyze surveys.  They will only have access to the tasks above that you indicate. 


To start to share a survey, select the downward arrow on the far right of the project on the My Projects page and select Share Project.  


You will then be asked for a username(s) or email addresses(s) of your collaborators.  If you do not know this information you can select User and Group Address Book in order to look it up.  Once you find an individual’s username or email address select Add.

Once you have added an individual, you can select the permissions of your collaborators.  You can select what capabilities you want your collaborators to have: viewing results, activate/deactivate, copy, and/or distributing the survey.



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