How to see the Survey Data?

How do you see the survey data?

When you want to observe the results of your survey select the Data & Analysis tab, which will allow you to view individual responses, create cross-tabulations, and/or download/export a dataset of responses.



If you would like to create cross-tabulations of your survey results, click the Tools drop-down menu on the far right of the page. If you would like to download the dataset of responses to Excel, click the Export and Import drop-down menu to the left of the "Tools" menu on the far right of the page.

 In the Export Data pop-up, select Download Data Table.  

To export the dataset in a format that will open in SPSS, select SPSS. To export the dataset in a format that will open in Excel, select CSV, then click the Download button. You can now open this file with Microsoft Excel.

If you want to view or create reports of the results, select the Reports tab. Qualtrics will automatically build you an initial report.  You must select Printed Reports and then Survey Statistics in the upper left hand corner to see survey statistics.  


Survey statistics will give you data on the time spent on the survey per respondent, their start times, start dates, response rates, and survey completion percentage!


 Select Results to the left of the Printed Reports option in order to view the initial report that is auto-generated by QualtricsThis report contains a visualization and a frequency table of responses for each item in the survey. 


You can export this report as a .pdf by selecting the Report Options drop-down menu on the far upper right of the page and then selecting Export Report and then PDF.


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