How to Disseminate the Survey Link?

When you have completed your survey you may wonder how you can send it to your participants.  The first step in disseminating your survey is to select the Distributions tab.  You will be asked how you want to distribute your survey. You can choose between a generic survey link or unique links that are trackable. See below for further information on these two options.



How do you create a generic survey link?

A generic survey link (i.e. a single anonymous link) is the easiest way to disseminate your survey.  Select Get a Single Reusable Link from the Email option (or click "Web" and select Use Anonymous Link).

You will then be given an automated link for your survey which can be copied into an email or placed onto a website.



The responses to your generic survey link are anonymous.  If you would like to track your respondents and identify who responded, use either the Compose Email or the Generate a Trackable Link for Each Contact options detailed below.


How do you send emails via Qualtrics with unique survey links and track participation?


If you would like to create and send a unique survey link via the Qualtrics platform, which is one method for tracking participation, you can begin by selecting the Compose Email icon.  This will create an email form, which will allow you to send a unique email and survey link to a list of participants. You can either enter contact information one-by-one in the Select Contacts option by selecting "New Contact List" or you can import contacts from a previously uploaded panel stored in your library. You can also choose to delay the dissemintation of the emails or send the emails right away. 

Each respondent in your contact list will receive a unique link. This unique link will only be able to be used once by each respondent.  This prevents spamming.  The data collected from the survey link is automatically attached to the respondents’ information.  The unique links also allows you to track progress and gives you the option of sending reminders and thank you emails.

Alternatively, you can generate just a list of trackable unique links and you can distribute the links yourself directly. Instead of selecting the "Compose Email" button, select Generate a Trackable Link for Each Contact.




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